My Carnival holidays

In my holidays I went to Spain where we spent one night in a hotel. We saw a museum but I don’t remember what its name was.  We had lunch in a restaurant. The food was good but the restaurant wasn’t very pretty. After lunch we went home. When we arrived we went to a restaurant and next we went home to sleep.

José Carlos


In my carnival holidays I went to Troia and I stayed in a hotel. I was on the 12th floor and I loved it because the view was amazing. I went there on Saturday, in the afternoon, so I just went to the swimming pool. I stayed there until Tuesday. I loved my holidays and one day I want to go back there.

Pedro Jorge

My Holidays

In these holidays I didn’t go to any special place.

In the morning it was normal to go out and walk a little bit or go to a cafe. One day I had to go to a ballet class. Of course, it was just one morning.

In the afternoon I stayed at home and listened to some music. After dinner I watched films.



My holidays started on Saturday.

On Saturday morning I had a football game that we unfortunately lost !   :'(

I had lunch at home. After lunch I played  a little bit of playstation!

In the afternoon I stayed at home and it was so boring.

In the evening I went to a shopping centre with my friends.We had dinner there and after we watched a movie.


This year me and my family went to Serra da Estrela to do a little bit of snowboarding and skiing but it didn’t go so well because my dad doesn’t know how to ski so he fell a lot of times. In spite of this it was really cool because my dad was very funny trying to ski.

Luis Pedro


I didn’t do anything special. I only went once to the cinema to see the “Invençao de Hugo” in 3D.