Best City – Porto

What could be more exciting than going to Porto city?

Porto is in the north of Portugal, on the river Douro. The weather is warm. On one hand the old-fashioned buildings give to the city an attractive and historical side. On the other hand the active night-life and the shopping centres give an exciting and modern side to Porto. It’s popular with tourists and it’s famous for the football team (F.C.P.).

The advice that we give to you is to visit the “ribeira” (by the river), the “Serralves” museum and the place where the “Vinho do Porto” is produced You should travel by boat on the Douro and there you would see great views and a lot of beautiful bridges.

The most popular event in Porto is the “S. João” festival, in June, where you can have fun and eat sardines.

A viewer’s opinion: “It’s a great city to visit, where you can relax and have fun, and you always have  something to do. It’s very exciting!”

By Maria G, Maria M. and Marta

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