Azores – Natural Wonder

The Azores are one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Portugal. It’s known for the seven cities lagoon. The legend says that a princess in love with a boy cried because her heart was broken and her tears were blue. The boy cried too but his tears were green. That’s why one of the sides is blue and the other is green.

Also, the S. Jorge’s cheese, bolo levedo (a type of bread) and cozido das Furnas (that is cooked in the hot springs) are well known in the Azores.

 There are beautiful flowers like  Hydrangea, among others… People are very friendly and it has lots of biodiversity. The Azores are also well known for tea because it is the only place in Europe that produces tea.

 We really think that the Azores are a natural wonder and an excellent place to visit!

Mariana and Sofia

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