Peace and Roots

This is a view of the mountain Schiehallion near Loch Rannoch in Scotland, and is a view that represents my Scottish “roots”. I’ve been visiting Kinloch Rannoch , where my family has an enormous, cosy (and very old) caravan, looking out onto Loch Rannoch and Schiehallion, all my life. I do my best to visit at least once a year and my family often has noisy family reunions there, with a lot of laughter and story telling.There’s no TV, internet or phone signal there…. so it’s the perfect place to curl up on the sofa, read a good book, drink some hot chocolate, look out at the loch and forget the outside world. I first climbed the mountain Schiehallion when I was about 9 years old, and have climbed it several times since. I like to think that I’ll manage to climb it a few more times  in my lifetime! On a sunny day Rannoch is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on earth…. and even on a rainy day it’s still very special.

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