Natural Wonder: Azores

The Azores has got 9 islands and 3 groups ( Oriental, Central and Occidental ). Azores has volcanic origins so all its islands have a volcano, extinct or active. The last volcanic eruption was in 1979 in the island of “Faial” and the volcano is the ” Vulcão dos Capelinhos”.

“Pico” is the highest point/volcano in the Azores and also in Portugal. The biggest island and the one that is most worth visiting is S. Miguel because of its lake that is half green and half blue. Actually in the past that was a volcano but now it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The traditional food is the ” Cozido á Portuguesa” meat and vegetables boiled with steam of the volcano.

The sea around Azores is a Reef with lots of animals including Sperm Whales.

Nuno and Pedro

The Algarve beaches

The Algarve is in the south of Portugal and it’s on the coast line, so it has a lot of beaches. The most popular beaches are “Rocha”, in Portimão,  “Falésia”, in Albufeira and the beaches of Tavira. The Algarve has a lot of tourists because it is a very attractive place, especially in summer. Most of the tourists come from England and Germany. The water of the beaches isn’t as cold as the water in the other beaches of Portugal.

However, the beaches aren’t the only attraction in the Algarve. There are a lot of aqua parks, like “Zoomarine”, “Slide and Splash” and “Aquashow”, which are visited by young people and their families.  The nightlife is also very good and exciting.

The Algarve has got the most popular and beautiful beaches of Portugal!

Catarina, Inês and Leonor.

Serra do Gerês

The Serra do Gerês is a peaceful and magical place to rest. There is a wonderful 5 star hotel where you can really relax and enjoy the view and the beautiful sounds of mother nature and it isn’t really expensive.

If you want to have a tour with a guide to see this paradise, you should go to the Parque Nacional Peneda Gerês which is inside of Serra do Gerês. There you can see the many waterfalls and lakes in it. There is a huge diversity of plants and animals.

Daniel and Miguel

If I could…

The ChildFund Alliance asked children around the world the questions below. We’d like to find out your answers.

  1. If you were the president/prime minister of your country, what is the one thing you would do to improve the lives of the children in your community?
  2. If you could grow up to be anything you wanted, what would you be?
  3. If you could spend a day doing anything you wanted, what would you do?
Once you’ve answered the questions, read this news report on the findings of this survey and compare your answers to what other children around the world had to say.

Best City – Porto

What could be more exciting than going to Porto city?

Porto is in the north of Portugal, on the river Douro. The weather is warm. On one hand the old-fashioned buildings give to the city an attractive and historical side. On the other hand the active night-life and the shopping centres give an exciting and modern side to Porto. It’s popular with tourists and it’s famous for the football team (F.C.P.).

The advice that we give to you is to visit the “ribeira” (by the river), the “Serralves” museum and the place where the “Vinho do Porto” is produced You should travel by boat on the Douro and there you would see great views and a lot of beautiful bridges.

The most popular event in Porto is the “S. João” festival, in June, where you can have fun and eat sardines.

A viewer’s opinion: “It’s a great city to visit, where you can relax and have fun, and you always have  something to do. It’s very exciting!”

By Maria G, Maria M. and Marta

Azores – Natural Wonder

The Azores are one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Portugal. It’s known for the seven cities lagoon. The legend says that a princess in love with a boy cried because her heart was broken and her tears were blue. The boy cried too but his tears were green. That’s why one of the sides is blue and the other is green.

Also, the S. Jorge’s cheese, bolo levedo (a type of bread) and cozido das Furnas (that is cooked in the hot springs) are well known in the Azores.

 There are beautiful flowers like  Hydrangea, among others… People are very friendly and it has lots of biodiversity. The Azores are also well known for tea because it is the only place in Europe that produces tea.

 We really think that the Azores are a natural wonder and an excellent place to visit!

Mariana and Sofia

Natural Wonder – Gerês

Gerês is a natural wonder in Portugal, near Braga. It’s a  good place to do different activities, such as walking in the mountains. During that activity you can enjoy the awesome view, and the bravest people try to climb the mountains  It’s a famous place due to its waterfalls, the huge green space and its hot springs. So, because of these amazing natural characteristics there lots of tourists from every part of the world spending their summer in Gerês.

Gerês is famous too because of the different  kinds of plants and the different species of wild animals, just like horses, deer, boars, etc.Gerês in general its a quiet place where we can rest when we are tired and spend our vacations.

Gonçalo & Miguel


In the 14th century, there was a battle between Portugal and the Moors, and it was in Aljubarrota. There is a monastery there, where people used to live, and it’s a monument. It’s built in the Baroque style, and many tourists visit it. It’s in Alcobaça.

The myth says that the Moors invaded the baker’s house and that the baker fought them with a wooden spoon and managed to put them in the oven and kill them.

David, José Nuno, Flávio

Best Beach/ Tavira

Tavira is a city in the Algarve with an island. The city of Tavira has some old buildings and historical monuments. In our opinion it is really romantic and popular with tourists because it has some cool bars and cosy cafes.

When we want to go to the island we need to take a ferry to cross the river.  The island itself is very big and sandy with lots of bars and restaurants that are not too expensive. If we want to stay on the island we can camp in the campsite.

Carolina and Filipa

Best beach – Nazaré

In this text we will talk about Nazaré. Nazaré is famous for the highest wave in the world, with 30 meters. A guy surfed that wave, and said that it was the best wave that he ever surfed. However, the sand is good too, it’s a yellow and fine sand. It’s not too crowded, but the best month to stay there with not to many people is in September. The weather is good, not too hot, but good to stay on that beach.

We hope that you visit that beach and enjoy it.

João and Bruno.

My first mobile phone

I had my first mobile phone at Christmas, on 24th December and I was ten years old. I was at home, with my all family. Was my mom who gave my. When I received it, I was so happy, because my friends already have one.

My first phone was very small and very simple, but I loved it, and I used it a lot.