My trip to Paris

Last week I went to Paris.

First I went  to the futuroscope park – it’s fantastic. Next I went to Paris because the futuroscope is not in Paris. The next day I went to Disney Paris and it’s incredible. I saw the princes, mickey and friends everyday in park Disney. The next day I went to see Paris. I went to the Eiffel Tower it’s very fantastic and I visited the museum the Louvre. I saw the Monalisa or Geoconda the Pinter and Picasso.The last day I went to the Park Asterix, and I came back to Braga.

By Joana (Post-Elementary)

My weekend

My weekend was fantastic.

My Saturday was fantastic. I went to Fátima and Óbidos. Fátima  and Óbidos are very  important  cities for our religion and these cities are fantastic.

My Sunday was fantastic. I went to my godmother’s house. It was really fun. My godmother has two dogs, one cat and one turtle. I love my godmother.

Well, this was my weekend.

By Eugénia (Post-Elementary)

My weekend

Last weekend I had a concert on Saturday. It was very nice and we played guitar very well. The people were friendly.

On Sunday  my friends and I went shopping and we had lunch at MacDonald’s –  we drank Fanta and we ate Happy meal. We bought a lot clothes in shops and we bought games at Fnac.

On the whole,  my weekend was fine and fantastic.

By Leonor (Post-Elementary)

My weekend

My last weekend was very cool.

On Saturday my friends and I went to the cinema. We ate a lot of popcorn and we drank a lot of juice. The film was really funny and we laughed a lot.

On Sunday I went to my grandparents’ 50th anniversary. My cousins and I gave 50 flowers to my grandmother and she cried. They were very happy and we were too. We went to a restaurant and we ate a lot. The dessert was wonderful and delicious. A lot of chocolate…

My weekend was really fun and happy.

By Carolina (Post-Elementary)

My weekend

Last weekend was amazing, but at the same time very tiring because I had many things to do.

I had my brother’s birthday party. It was wonderful, he was happy and I was too…and for me it was the most important thing about his party.

Then I had to go to my grandparents’ house in Rio Caldo (Gerês). I spent the whole day next to my grandfather listening to his old stories about his adventures. My grandfather is spectacular.

After that, on Sunday  I went to my parent’s friend’s house for a group lunch.

And of course then, I went home to think about my next IH lesson with the amazing teacher Anna.

By José Armando (Post-Elementary)