Sports in the future

Today, sports aren´t the same thing they were many years ago. Sports can lead to rivalry and corruption.

We think that, in the future, technology will help sports to be what they were meant to be.

Robots will be programmed to count the score and to keep the time; they will be referees and the game´s organisers. The trainers, the athlete´s agents and the club´s presidents will be robots so the games won´t be unfair. We will invent other sports like feline football or bulldozer basketball.

To conclude, the future will change sports and the way we see them.

Afonso Ribeiro; Gonçalo Rocha; Rui Silva  (Junior 5-Tony)

Schools in the future

Today school is very important because we learn many things for our future.

First of all, the school of today is without a bit of technology. But we believe the schools in  the future will have much more technology. The school of today is very simple, the bigger part of the students don´t like it, so we have to change it.

Secondly, we think that in the future things will be different, and here are some ideas that we have about this:

The teachers might be holograms;

We will use tablets (ex: in the tests, homework…);

The lockers will be opened using fingerprint recognition;

In the canteen, we will have a menu to choose all the food that we want to eat;

If a student is sick, they will have lessons using Skype, computers, tablets…

Finally, we want to say that the school of the future will have more technology, and maybe the students will start to like it more!!!

Guilherme Nereu, Simão Crispim, Pedro Rebelo, Maria Bastos Junior 5, Sat



Houses in the future

Houses are very important for our lives because they are where we live. They are our homes.

First of all, nowadays there are a few “green houses”, people are talking about solar panels, they are starting to reuse and recycle and starting to think about the intelligent use of water, because it is very important, and it might get scarce.

Secondly, people can get some solar panels for their houses, so that they can use the solar energy. They can also install some water saving system.

To sum up, we believe that in the future there will be more “green houses” and they will be more evolved. We hope that people will become conscious that it’s necessary to save energy and water.

Ana Margarida Veloso, Ana Sofia e Silva and Sara Maria Silva – J5, Sat, Tony

Entertainment in the future

The future is coming, and, in our opinion, entertainment is one of the most affected areas.

First of all, nowadays entertainment is very important for society because we need to relax in our free time. The cinema, the theatre, going to the swimming pool, going to adventure parks are all forms of entertainment.

Secondly, we think that we will continue to go to the cinema, to the theatre and to games rooms.

But the cinema will be in 5D, where each person will feel all the sensations of the film, for example water, cold and hot temperatures and movement.

In the future, when we play a game, we will enter the game and play with the other players.

To sum up, we will need new forms of technology for our free time and this is a good thing  because the world is changing quickly.Inês Penso, Margarida Pimenta, Mariana Leitão (Junior 5)

Entertainment in the future

Today we can’t fly, take a trip into the future or transport our bodies to other places but in the future you might possibly do this.

First of all we believe that in the future we will be able to fly around the world to minimize the pollution of the cars and the motor-bikes.

Secondly the classes are going to be by computer. We will have classes in bed or in the garden what time you want!

I think in the future it will be more fun and with more technology because we will fly or have classes in bed. It’ll be fantastic.

José Miguel, Maria Inês & Nikola

A job I’d really like to do…

I wanted to be a pilot of a plane, it’s my dream.. But I can’t do it!

Since I was a child I’ve dreamt about it. I love planes, I love to fly, I love to travel, I love this!

I’ve always  dreamed of spending the day flying, but the truth is that this is impossible.

I could have good marks, but it would still be impossible..

Two years ago I went to the ophthalmologist and he detected a disease called myopia, a disease which ended my dreams..

At the time I was really annoyed because a disease ended my dreams, all my dreams.. But today I’m happy, I’m content!

By Diogo

Something a friend is going to do soon

Next Saturday my friend and I are going to have lunch and after that we’re going to the cinema. We both love films and popcorn.

I haven’t seen her in 2 months and I miss her.

After going to the cinema, we ‘re going to shop and buy new clothes for the summer.

On Sunday I’m going to the beachwith my parents and my sister. I hope the weather is good and sunny because I want to get a tan.

I think it’s going to be a nice week because I’m going with my family and my friends.

( By Carolina )


Someone famous you’d like to meet

I’d like to meet Beyoncé because she is fantastic. I’ve seen some of her video  concerts and they are perfect. I love Beyoncé and I’d love to meet her and find out what she’s like . She is my idol and my hero. I’m a big fan. I know all her music. Her music is fantastic. Her voice is brilliant and perfect.  I’d like her to come to Portugal. Seeing her concert is one of my dream.  I first listened to her music four years ago and I was impressed. I love Beyoncé!

By Francisca