My special person

My best friend is Pedro, he is eleven years old, he’s very cheerful and generous.

He likes video games, football and watching T.V.  We play a lot of games together. He’s good at Maths,Science,History and at English.

All the people he knows like him because he’s cool and he’s not boring like our Art and IT teacher.

Tiago Ferreira

Me and my Mum

I’m going to talk about my mum. Her name is Sandra and she is forty-three. She lives in Braga with me and my family.

She is a teacher and she really enjoys teaching. My mum always helps me when I need her help. She explains really well!

She is the sweetest person I have ever met, except my father and other people. But she is really special to me. That’s why I like her.

I see her and her beauty every day, but just in the morning and at night. I wish I could have more time to be with her…

We always talk, go shopping and read together.  We really enjoy being together.


Íris, junior 4, Tony.



My Special Person

My cousin’s name is Teresa. She is twenty one years old. She lives in Rebrudões de Souto but now she is working in Spain so now she is living in Spain.

She is good at biology. She loves animals! She is a very nice person. I like her because we both like animals very much and protect nature doing the best for animals.

I see her every summer holiday and sometimes in other holiday periods.

We always walk with her dogs, watch them playing together, listen to the birds and see the trees. We do everything together!

Maria Antónia Oliveira

My best friend

My best friend´s  name is Sara. She´s twelve years old and she lives in Braga. She´s good at English. She likes dancing .She always listens to music. I see Sara in the school and sometimes at weekends. We always talk, watch films and listen to music together.

I like my best friend because she is great and generous !

Ana Clara

My best friend

My best friend’s name is Mariana. We met in International House three years ago. She is in my school. The first time we met, I thought she was a little bit shy, but then we became really good friends and I discovered that she was really cool.

She’s nice, honest and amusing. We have a good time together. We like the same kinds of things: music, sports, animals, food, club… and we’ve got the same dream. We’ve never had an argument  and I think it’s because we have the same tastes.

We usually talk a lot to each other and I can tell her everything because she won’t tell anyone. Unfortunately, we don’t go out together, because we can’t. But I wish that we had more time to be together.

Ana Margarida

My best friend

My best friend is Sofia. I have known her for a year ago since summer camp. I confess, my first impression isn’t good but when I met her I love her personality. We have many things in common so I don’t know in which ways we are different. We’ve always had the best relationship, never fallen out about anything.

Sometimes we go to cinema or go to the shopping center, but normally  we go to her house or mine.

I love my best friend. She is very friendly. 


My Best Friend

My best friend name is Bruno and we first met at school, on the beginning of the last  school year. At first I think that he was quite shy, but with time that characteristic disappeared. I like him because we have a lot of thing in common, but we’ve also different likes.I thing we haven’t fallen out, because we didn’t like to replay some commentaries made by the other. Together, we like to go to the cinema, talk about football, computer games and funny things that happened at school.


Hi! I’m gonna talk about my dear dear dear friend called Margarida. I don’t why I actually like her because she is always treating me wrong, and that really hurts! Whatever, I have her in my life since 2010 when I got  International House. When I saw her I thought that I have seen her before and I was right because she was at 7F. She have braces just like me so I LOVE HER !! She thinks that I am a bit crazy but she is too so we’re always laughing and Ana may be tired of us, sorry Ana! Well, Margarida is a good friend so I think we just fell out once a long time ago, and after that we have never spoken again.


My Best Friend

I’m going to talk about my best friend. His 14 years old and his name is Luís. I have known him for 4 years or so. I met him at
school because we were at the same class and sat next to each other. Since the biggining I have got a great impression of him. We have a lot of things in commun such as play the same sports and the same computer games, and we like the same school subjects and friends. We do loads of things together like playing sprots and games together and going out with our friends.



My best friend

My friend’s name is Fernando but I usually call him Nando, I’ve known him for about 8 years. I met him in school  because he´s in my class. My  first impression of him was good because he broke his arm on the first day of school. He´s cheerful and loves football. We  don´t have a lot of things different – he is very similar to me. We don´t have a lot of fights or arguments. And we do a lot of things such as play sports and games together,…