In my free time…….

In my free time, I listen to music (a variety of music), play sports like gymnastics, swimming and ballet. I like to play my instrument (trumpet) when I play it, I feel calm and happy. I love to surf  the internet to check my email’s, talk with friends, and explore. I like to meet new friends, hang out with them and learn new languages (like Italian, Spanish…). I also like watching TV programs or films or go to the cinema, but I don’t have much time for that, it’s very complicated. For me it‘s impossible to not play my trumpet, it’s like my best friend.

Inês AD3Y M/W

In my free time……..

In my free time, I like surfing the net and chatting on facebook, watching tv, drawing, sleeping… sometimes , I go to the gym and I do some sports like running or swimming. I also go out with my friends. There’s nothing better than a coffee or a hot chocolate on the coldest days. I spend a lot of my time drawing for school. Now, I have to draw faces, real faces! So, sometimes, a simple drawing can take a day or more. I also like to be with my family at home or some event with more people. I’m a social person, so I’m always talking about everything. In conclusion, I have a lot of thing to do in my free time.

Diana AD3Y M/W

In my free time………..

In my free time, I listen to music, I talk with friends and I like to learn new things and play new sports. I also like to surf the internet.

On my holidays I like to learn a lot of new activities, and I have very many hobbies I can do at home and I think that is very good.

I like to organize activities with my friends when I have free time and usually we do some very fun things.

I like to learn different things that I don’t learn about at school.

These are my hobbies and my favorites activities when I have free time but what I really like to do most is be with my friends and have fun with them!

Frederico AD3Y M/W

In my free time…

In my free time I usually surf the internet to check my emails. I hate waiting for my sister to use my computer because she has her own computer. In my free time I also like to do sports (volleyball, swimming and ballet), go out with friends and go to the cinema. I also like watching TV but sometimes it’s impossible because I have to study. When I am studying I like to listen to music because it’s relaxing.

By Rita – AD3Y (M/W)