My favourite film – Film

My favourite film is Frozen. It’s my favourite film because it is fun and magical. My favourite character is Anna because she is very funny, brave and determined. Elsa also is brave but isn’t funny. The songs and the characters are very funny. Olaf is a nice snowman.  The film is about Elsa, the oldest daughter the king of Arendelle. She has a sister (Anna) and she has powers. One day, while she was playing with her sister, she was struck with lightening and is locked in the castle to learn to control her super powers.One day she froze the kingdom and she ran away.Her sister  and her friend go to find her.They find her and they live a happy life.

I think that the director did a really nice job with the characters and the special effects. The film won an Oscar, because I saw it in  the cinema. I love this movie.

By Daniela – Pre-Intermediate Sept



My favorite film is…

My favorite film is 50 First Dates because it is a beautiful love history. It’s about a woman and she can’t remember her day because when she goes to sleep she forgets about everything at the moment of accident. She has a boyfriend but she can’t remember of him. Every day, the boyfriend tries to make her remember him. After trying many times he can finally marry her.

The stars of the film are Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler.   

By Vanessa – Pre-Intermediate Sept

My favourite film is …

My favorite film is Toy story 3 .

Toy Story is a sequel, of all of the 3 films the third was the one I most liked.

The film talks about a boy, Andy, that has a lot of toys.One day he went to university in another country and he gave his toys to the local nursery. The children  of the nursery do bad things to the toy, so they ran away. On the journey home they pass a lot of difficult tests, but with a lot of luck they get home.When Andy goes home he gives the toys to a sweet little girl, who treats the toys very well.

The director,Lee Unkrich, did a really fantastic job with the characters, the story and the special effects. I think the actors who did the voices were good.

I loved this film.

By João – Pre-Intermediate Sept

My favourite film

My favourite film is khumba because it is very funny. I saw this film in the cinema with my friends. I didn’t have the opportunity to choose the film because they chose first. The type of film is animation. The stars of the film are James Austin and  Steve Buscemi

This film is about a zebra that hasn’t got stripes and wants to leave the herd. He father was very worried because his son disappeared. Khumba met new friends that helped him to find water that he needed to recover the stripes, but there’s a tiger who wants the zebra to recover an eye.

I liked seeing this film.

By Alexandra – Pre-Intermediate Sepr

My favourite film

My favourite film is “The Hunger Games”. It is a sci-fi, adventure and action movie.

It’s about a girl, Katniss, who saves her little sister from a deadly game. She fights for her life many times in this game, but with the help of a girl, Rue, and a boy, Peeta, she stays alive.

I loved the film because there is a lot of action and adventure, and I like films with these things.I think Jennifer Lawrence was great in this film, she was a really interesting character and her acting was so good . I also think  Josh Hutcherson was fantastic in this movie with a really good interpretation of his role.

I don’t know the name of the director, but he did a really nice job  with the special effects and the characters.

This film has a sequel so I’m going to see the next films, I know I will like them.

By Ana Margarida – Pre-Intermediate Sept

Hunger Games

The film that we saw is set in America, in the future. There are many actresses and actors including Jennifer Lawrence and Donald Sutherland. It talks about  one girl that went to Hunger Games instead of her sister.  She won that “fight” and, after that, she got some food. This part, in our opinion, was the most brilliant, exciting and interesting in this film. We liked almost everything in that action story but one of the negative facts was that we would like if there was more special effects. In general, the film was amazing!!!

Work done by: Maria Silva, Andreia Taveira and Joana Silva.

The Dictator

This is the kind of film there we laugh from the beginning to the end.

This film talks about a dictator who has everything he wonted, but before the big day he was kidnap by one of his so call “security”. When he his kidnap, another guy substitute him. From there he wanted to recuperate is position and then you must see the film…

We like specially this film because its a comedy where we don`t lose his attention any time.

The film attracted many spectators from different countries around the world and it was a  box-office hit.

If you like comedy films you must see this film!

Carlos and João.