“Django” is one of the best movies that I have ever watched. The soundtrack, the plot, the characters and the script were amazing! I only have one bad thing to say about this movie: it was too short.

When I started the movie I thought that it would be a normal cowboy movie, but when the action started I felt like I was in the movie! “Django” also had great moments of comedy and that’s why the movie was fantastic. The ending was epic! Nobody expected that conclusion.

Everybody should watch, I recommend it.

João Pedro

Review: Eclipse

This movie is better than Twilight and New Moon together. It takes the same time, but it’s more intense. I think the book is better, but the movie is also very good.

In Eclipse you can see a different version of Bella. Now she knows Edward’s family and she is part of it. Bella is now older and that is an advantage for her. Although, I thought the idea of Bella’s and Edward’s marriage was not so good. That’s the thing of the movie. In the end you see the best part when Victoria comes back for her revenge.

My rating is higher than the other movies, but I hope that Stephanie Meyer surprises me and makes Breaking Down even better. She can always surprise!

I thought Taylor Lautner did a great  job! His script was great. The actors which were chosen to play the bad guys were fantastic!

Carolina Miranda
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Film Review – Twilight

The last film I saw was Twilight Part 2.

I saw all Twilight films and comparing to the last ones, this was without a doubt the best. However, I think it doesn’t have as much action as the others.

I really like the special effects and the soundtrack. The people behind the film had really hard work and did a great job!

The film has very good things on the whole.

Although I like the characters, I don’t like Bella’s daughter. I think she’s too calm and didn’t do a good job as an actress.

These are my opinions for this great movie and I just think they should have chosen another child for Bella’s daughter.


Mariana, Ad4,



Astérix & Obélix Mission Cleopatra

The film is set in Egypt.

One day, the Romans visited Cleopatra and made a challenge. The challenge was to build a palace in three days. Cleopatra decided a time for the builder to make the palace. If he failed the challenge he would be eaten by the crocodiles, so he decided get help from Astérix, Obélix and Getafix the druid to build the palace in time.

I liked the story line because it was very funny and exciting. I also liked the soundtrack.

Work done by Eva and Ana Xisca.

“Primal Fear” Review

Primal Fear is an astonishing movie full of suspense from the first minute.

Edward Norton plays the role of Aaron, a young orphan that is though to have murdered a priest. Richard Gere plays the role of a famous lawyer who accepts Aaron’s defence. In order to build his case he has to investigate the murder himself, stumbling into webs of corruption and risking his own life.

This movie has an incredible Portuguese soundtrack that increases the suspense.

In conclusion this movie is worth your money and you will not feel that you have wasted it.

Augusto Peres