The lost thing

About this book we especially like the ending of the story. All of this story from the beginning to the end was just amazing. This story is different from other children stories because the plot was surprising. 

The way the writer tells us how the young boy can interact with the lost thing is special because he can play and have a good moment with it. It shows us that we can be with a different type of person and have a good time with him. It also shows us that if you are with “the lost thing” and nobody notices him!

Carlos, Rita and Margarida

The Lost Thing

The Lost Thing is an incredible and interesting book. It is really strange but at the same time it is also very mysterious! We totally enjoyed the fact of no one saw the “thing”, probably because they were too busy with their own lives. We can compare that to real life in which people can not do more than one thing at the same time! We can also repair that most of people do not realize what’s around them because they think they’re not  important but  those things can be very very interesting! 

José Pedro, Raquel and Sofia 


The Lost Thing

  We loved the story. It was a different story and taught us that no matter if we are a child, an adolescence, an adult or an elder, we have to pay attention to what is around us or we can lose a strange, unique and special thing. It showed that the world in the story looks like the real life, because the real world behind his first beautiful layer, it’s just like that dark and cold world.
We also liked the illustrations, the funny characters and imagination of the writer/illustrator.

                                    Álvaro, Beatriz and Luís.