Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

This is so interesting.This book is like Dumbledore’s Pensatorium when you start to read it you can’t stop until the book ends. In the end I truly thought that Harry would end up as an Auror or a Defense Against The Dark Arts Teacher in Hogwarts or even as a director of the Auror’s Department,  but we don’t learn anything about that at the end.This last book is a masterpiece of intrigue, mystery and lots of revelations.

I really recommend this book to everyone, even those who only read one book.The imagination that it took to create new characters and make them fit in the big puzzle which is Potter’s world, such as  Elphias “Dog Breath” Doge, Bathilda Bagshot, and the Peverell Brothers (the most important of the brothers is Ignotius Peverell the ancestor of Harry Potter),etc. And to do new stuff with others like the domestic elf Kreacher , Umbridge and Regulus Angulus Black (R.A.B. -sorry for the spoiler) the brother of “the notorius mass murderer” (it’s not true of course, he was just blamed for the acts that were really done by Wormtail, an old friend, supporter of the Dark Lord) Sirius Black. This book is already consider to be the best book in the Harry Potter´s series.

I really hope that J.K. Rowling writes another book.

Jorge Miguel

book review Sofia

The book the Hunger Games has a really interesting plot and I really liked the characters. One of the things that I enjoyed is the logic of the story – it has been narrated in the first person, by the lead character. So in the whole book you feel what she felt and your thoughts about the characters are the thoughts that she has.

In all of the book we have different feelings about all the people that are involved in the plot because she has different opinions about them.

One thing that I didn’t like was the fact that the real action of the book happens at the end, so it is very short, and it has possibilities to be much longer because the writer could do much more with the interesting plot that she had.

On the whole I loved the story.