The biggest mistake

Michael closed the door and knew at that moment that he had made a terrible mistake. He had left the keys inside his home. Michael was really worried because his parents were away on holidays and he couldn’t remember  any way to get other keys. But then, he remembered his parents told him there was a supply key below the carpet next to his door. He was really relieved. When he was checking if the key was there or not, he had had a surprise. The key wasn’t there! He was even more nervous than he was before! There was only one solution left. He had to ask to a friend to sleep and eat in his home till his parents ended their holidays, because he didn’t want to bore his parents.

His day wasn’t really going well, but it got worse. All his friends, or better, those who he called friends, weren’t willing to let him ever enter. Even his best friend, refused to let him enter. He wasn’t expecting this attitude from his supposed friends, he was really sad. He had only one option left, he had to sleep on the street on that cold night. He managed to discover a place with some protection for the rain and also, some things to warm him up. What he didn’t know was that a family would discover him and help him as well. On the next day, he woke up on a bed and he couldn’t understand what had happened till a man came in and explained him all. He told Michael that he was safe and asked for his parents’ number to tell them what had happened. Everything went right and he got home as soon as his parents arrived.

In the end, he realized he hadn’t true friends and that for a true friendship is needed much more that he thought it was. Despite all this, he was successful because of this experience. He wrote a book about friendship and he got many awards.

By David Kramer FCE1 Saturdays

The biggest mistake

“ Michael closed the door and knew at that moment that he had made a terrible mistake.”

Michael was an athletic guy with no fear, he thought that no one and nothing could hurt him. But we all know that no one is unbreakable.

One day around three o’clock in the morning Michael was at home by himself or at least he thought he was. Michael started to hear some strange noises coming from his kitchen.  It seemed like someone was warming something in the micro wave. So Michael decided to get up and went to the kitchen and for his surprise nothing strange and no one was there except that there was a cup of milk warming in the micro wave……..

He got scared and got out of the house. In the moment that he closed the door he realised that he had made a terrible mistake.

Because he remembered that earlier his sister had asked him if she could sleep there for the night and she had the keys of the house.

By Ana Carolina FCE1 Saturdays

The biggest mistake

Michael closed the door and knew at that moment that he had made a terrible mistake, a mistake that would haunt him for the rest of his life, but now he has no choice.

The people that he thought would help him, endup messing his life, but to understand Michael’s story we have to go back to a time when crime rule the cities, a time when people were afraid to leave their homes, a time when big revolutions occurred.

Michael was seventeen years old and he recently had had to leave school to work in a shoe factory, he loved going to school and he was very intelligent, always had good grades but he had to help his family pay the bills and to put food on the table.

One day when he was leaving the factory, he noticed a small paper in his coat pocket. The paper said:

Meet me at the abandoned factory tomorrow near the theatre. It’s important, you are in  great danger. I’m the only one who can help you!” 

Maybe someone had put the paper there when he was working, he didn’t know. One thing he was sure he had to go to the factory to find out what was going on…

By Mariana Alves FCE1 Saturday