My bedroom

My bedroom is big… My bedroom is my world, where everything happens.

In my bedroom, I study, get dressed, watch TV, play games and I surf the internet.

It was decorated when I was 9 years old, that’s why it is a little childish.

This year I’m going to buy new furniture for the room. It’ll be a new world!

In my actual room I have a desk, a bed, a rug, a bookcase, a sofa and 1 million photographs!

I love my bedroom, but the time of change has come. 😀

By Diogo Quintela

My bedroom

My bedroom is big. My television is in a tall place. On my desk I have a photo of my sister and me, and a computer. My bed is comfortable and nice. I have a mirror where I get ready for school. My wardrobe is big. In my bedroom I have my piano and my guitar. I have two windows and one with a balcony. My room is a place where I spend my free time.

By Francisca

My bedroom

My room is modern and medium. It has a big and comfortable bed, where I sleep and dream a lot. On the desk I have pictures and books.

My room has a television where I can see my favourite programmes and films. My wardrobe is big and I keep there my clothes and my bags.

There are two windows where I can see my small village.

My room is the place in the house where I spend the most time and the place that I like the most.

By Carolina