• You shouldn’t be a rude person;
  • You must respect the teacher and the other students;
  • You have to do the homework;
  • You mustn’t forget to bring the books;
  • If you want to be a good student, you have to study;
  • You mustn’t talk in classes;
  • You aren’t alowed to leave in the middle of the lessons;
  • You have to turn off your cell-phones;
  • You can’t write or draw in chairs and tables;
  • You have to do all the lessons exercises;
  • In computers room you should be patient and wait when the computers go slow;
  • You aren’t alowed to fight in classes.

Fernando & Catarina


In the classroom you should organise your materials, for example, use the space under your chair.

To get better grades in your writing test you ought to have an out of the box idea.

Don’t forget to do your homework, or your marks will reflect that.

Always have a good behaviour in the classroom.

Ask your teacher if you have any doubts.


Miguel, Nuno


In your classroom you should respect your teacher and your classmates, by being polite to everybody and to do what your teachers tell you to do. Be nice and don’t be rude or the others will be rude for you too, and you won’t like that! Other thing that you shouldn’t forget to do is your homework, otherwise the teacher will be angry at you and all your classmates will be listening to him as well. Never irritate a friend of yours because that can start a fight between you two. You should keep your things with you to avoid losing your material or damage it. You can talk a little bit to your partner but not loud and never when your teacher is talking!

Leonor and Marta


  • You shouldn’t be rude.
  • You should pay attention in class and behave well too.
  • You should study as much as you can.
  • You should respect school rules.
  • You mustn’t destroy school property.
  • You mustn’t raise your voice to teachers and classmates.
  • You should organize your material.
  • You mustn’t laugh in the classroom.
  • You mustn’t resort to violence.
  • You shouldn’t access Facebook during the computer classes.

Daniel and Pedro