My special person

My best friend is Pedro, he is eleven years old, he’s very cheerful and generous.

He likes video games, football and watching T.V.  We play a lot of games together. He’s good at Maths,Science,History and at English.

All the people he knows like him because he’s cool and he’s not boring like our Art and IT teacher.

Tiago Ferreira

Me and my Mum

I’m going to talk about my mum. Her name is Sandra and she is forty-three. She lives in Braga with me and my family.

She is a teacher and she really enjoys teaching. My mum always helps me when I need her help. She explains really well!

She is the sweetest person I have ever met, except my father and other people. But she is really special to me. That’s why I like her.

I see her and her beauty every day, but just in the morning and at night. I wish I could have more time to be with her…

We always talk, go shopping and read together.  We really enjoy being together.


Íris, junior 4, Tony.



My Special Person

My cousin’s name is Teresa. She is twenty one years old. She lives in Rebrudões de Souto but now she is working in Spain so now she is living in Spain.

She is good at biology. She loves animals! She is a very nice person. I like her because we both like animals very much and protect nature doing the best for animals.

I see her every summer holiday and sometimes in other holiday periods.

We always walk with her dogs, watch them playing together, listen to the birds and see the trees. We do everything together!

Maria Antónia Oliveira

My best friend

My best friend´s  name is Sara. She´s twelve years old and she lives in Braga. She´s good at English. She likes dancing .She always listens to music. I see Sara in the school and sometimes at weekends. We always talk, watch films and listen to music together.

I like my best friend because she is great and generous !

Ana Clara

My best friend.

My best’s friend name is Dmytro.
He is Ukrainian, but he lives in Portugal with his grandmother because his parents work every weekend.
He is friendly, fun, nice, helpful, generous and he does a lot of good things.
He is eleven years old and his birthday  is on the eighth of November.
We are like brother and sister.
We never fight.

Marta Carvalho