Camping with friends

In the holidays I was with friends on a camping trip in Gerês. Where a strange thing happened…

We were lost in the middle of nowhere without our phones. It was really late and no one had found us. We only had a torch and a map and we had to find our camp, We had started to walk when our torch broke because we were really worried that we let our torch fall. From that moment we didn’t have anything to light our way. The forest was enormous and we were afraid to get lost so we were all the time looking for the map. we had seen some tents and we thought that was our camp we were wrong. That was the camp of other people. we had seen a car so we decided to ask for help. Fortunately they were really nice and they gave us a ride to our camp.        Ana Rita Pires Silva

A stupid gummie bear!!

A stupid gummie bear

Well , I’m going to talk about a story which has always been in my memory.

I was in the 5th grade and I was very nervous because I was going to have a trumpet concert, and at the moment I only thought “I’m not going to do it well” “I must clean my trumpet” “I’m going to get the music wrong” Well that was true. I had to clean my trumpet. When my teacher called me to the stage, I felt confident. I put the trumpet to my lips and started to blow but… no music came out! I was very nervous in front of 500 people in the Auditório Adelina Caravana. My teacher had tried to help me and then a gummie came out!

I only had listened people laugh but I didn’t know how that gummie was going to be there. Then, I remember that on the last day I was with my cousin and we had been eating gummies when played my trumpet. I laughed together with the audience.


Inês Bastos

adults 3y

Short stories from Adult3Y – My football team

My Football Team


When was five years old me and my best friend, Alexandre, had to create a new football team, when this experience started, we had little players in the team.

The football team was very good, we’d had very good players but the best player was me.

In my first time, we won many trophies and medals but we’d had some problems.

Last the players they had to leave the team and the team lost a lot of tournaments.

I and my best friend were very unhappy.

My dream had finished in this moment and I was very sad.


João Vieira

In my free time…….

In my free time, I listen to music (a variety of music), play sports like gymnastics, swimming and ballet. I like to play my instrument (trumpet) when I play it, I feel calm and happy. I love to surf  the internet to check my email’s, talk with friends, and explore. I like to meet new friends, hang out with them and learn new languages (like Italian, Spanish…). I also like watching TV programs or films or go to the cinema, but I don’t have much time for that, it’s very complicated. For me it‘s impossible to not play my trumpet, it’s like my best friend.

Inês AD3Y M/W

In my free time……..

In my free time, I like surfing the net and chatting on facebook, watching tv, drawing, sleeping… sometimes , I go to the gym and I do some sports like running or swimming. I also go out with my friends. There’s nothing better than a coffee or a hot chocolate on the coldest days. I spend a lot of my time drawing for school. Now, I have to draw faces, real faces! So, sometimes, a simple drawing can take a day or more. I also like to be with my family at home or some event with more people. I’m a social person, so I’m always talking about everything. In conclusion, I have a lot of thing to do in my free time.

Diana AD3Y M/W

In my free time………..

In my free time, I listen to music, I talk with friends and I like to learn new things and play new sports. I also like to surf the internet.

On my holidays I like to learn a lot of new activities, and I have very many hobbies I can do at home and I think that is very good.

I like to organize activities with my friends when I have free time and usually we do some very fun things.

I like to learn different things that I don’t learn about at school.

These are my hobbies and my favorites activities when I have free time but what I really like to do most is be with my friends and have fun with them!

Frederico AD3Y M/W

In my free time…

In my free time I usually surf the internet to check my emails. I hate waiting for my sister to use my computer because she has her own computer. In my free time I also like to do sports (volleyball, swimming and ballet), go out with friends and go to the cinema. I also like watching TV but sometimes it’s impossible because I have to study. When I am studying I like to listen to music because it’s relaxing.

By Rita – AD3Y (M/W)

Benjamin Button

We are going to talk about the film “Benjamin Button”.  We saw that film last year and we liked it. Brad Pitt was the main character and he was playing the part of a guy who was born with eighty ears old and while he was growing up, he was getting younger. This is a different film and maybe that’s why it is amazing. The sights and the music were beautiful and in our opinion, that helped to make the film get how amazing as it was. Brad Pitt is our favorite actor so we love every single film of him.


Bia, Margarida e Sofia

Dear John

This film talk about a romantic story between John Tyree and Savannah Curtis. It is inspired in the  romance of Nicholas Sparks.

The main characters met on the beach when he got her bag that she dropped in the sea. Since then they fell in love. They spent all the summer together, but   in the end of the holidays, John was called to join to the war in Iraq. Although they was separated, they kept write to each other. One day she stopped writing him. When he arrived, she has already married with another guy. Later the man that she married died. Then, John and her met accidently, and they start dating again.

The end

By: Ana Margarida Sousa, Raquel Rodrigues e Inês Rodrigues.

The Simpsons: The Movie

The movie talks about another great and strange adventure where the city of Springfield is isolated by the U.S. Army with a glass bobble, but The Simpsons escaped by a tunnel that Maggie made in her sandbox. The family escaped to Alaska where they tried to start a new life but they couldn’t do it, so they got back to Springfield and save the situation. 

We like it because we love The Simpsons and it makes us laugh for a lot of time with the weird things that the characters do and say, we can say that it’s the best cartoon that we’ve ever seen.   

Luís and Pedro

Pearl Harbor

      Pearl Harbor is one of those films that excite you when you’re watching it. It reports an historical event, and shocks you but at the same time it’s very romantic. It’s a very popular film and normally people like it, just like us!

We like it because we learn more about what really happened in the second war which was one of the most important dates in all history.


rita e sofia <3

The Dictator

This is the kind of film there we laugh from the beginning to the end.

This film talks about a dictator who has everything he wonted, but before the big day he was kidnap by one of his so call “security”. When he his kidnap, another guy substitute him. From there he wanted to recuperate is position and then you must see the film…

We like specially this film because its a comedy where we don`t lose his attention any time.

The film attracted many spectators from different countries around the world and it was a  box-office hit.

If you like comedy films you must see this film!

Carlos and João.

The 1920 IH

We think IH was very different in the 1920s. At that time the school was a home. We think a rich and big family lived in IH; it was composed of 10 people.

The family’ s hobbies were playing with marbles, socializing in the living room and they also used to collect unusual old jars.

The mom was a housewife to take care of the children with the help of a nanny. The dad was a businessman who made lots of money and was always out of town. The children used to study together and they were all great students, but when they didn’t have homework they played football or (for the girls) they played with dolls.

The family was very disorganized so the nanny made a lot of money. They used to go to the Opera, to the theater, library, museum and sometimes to the cinema. In the holidays they went to Paris, London and Rome.

They were very popular in Portugal and around Europe because of their father. But they didn’t care about that because they were a very intelligent, and happy family!

João Luís e Álvaro


A Friend

A friend is a person that is sensitive and understanding as a person. No-one is better than him and he is there in the best and the worst moments.

A friend is very talkative and open-minded and when you have a problem, he listens carefully to you and advises you. A true friend is always there, and is someone who shows they care A true friend is someone you can always trust and depend on.

Alexandre and Rogerio