Boys’ night out

On Saturday night, Chris met his friends John and Anthony at 7.00. They wore Chelsea t-shirts. Before the football game, they went for dinner in an Italian restaurant. The friends ate pizza and drank beer, and they talked non-stop about girls and football. After that, they went to the stadium and they watched the football game. Because their team lost, they only had one drink and then they went to the disco. The men had a lot fun and danced for a long time. As they drank a lot, they went home by taxi. After this boys’ night out, they finally got home at 2.00.

Amália Pinto and Carina Oliveira

Boys’ night out


At seven o’clock John, Chris and Anthony met in the street, they talked about their plans for the night. They decided to wear the same t-shirts from their favourite team. First, they went to a restaurant, a pizza place, they had three different pizzas and three beers. During dinner they talked about many things especially girls and football. After that, the three friends went to the stadium to watch their favourite football team, but the team lost. Then they had more drinks to forget that, so they went to a disco to have a good time. They danced all night  until they felt tired and drunk, so they went home by taxi and at two o’clock they got home.

Marco Rodrigues & Kelly Brito

Mia Rose

Full name: Maria Antónia Teixeira Rosa

Artistic name: Mia Rose

Born: 26th January 1988

Origin: London, England

Nationalities: Portuguese and English

A little bit of her story:

Rose opened her YouTube account in December 2006 during her Christmas break from university. She posted videos singing various cover songs and in a month had a record number of subscriptions for a musician.

In May 2009, she wrote and recorded the song “Let Go”, selling it on iTunes in Portugal, where it became the best selling download, and got to number 2 on the Portuguese charts.

By Helena & Matilde


Paul Walker ID


Name: Paul William Walker

Born: September 12-1973

Died: November 30-2013

Job: Actor

Career: In 2001, Walker became famous when he was with actor Vin Diesel in the film The Fast and the Furious, the first film in the franchise. He was also in the sequel in 2003 2 Fast 2 Furious. He continued his career in Joy Ride (2001), Into the Blue (2005), and Timeline (2003).

Liked: acting, playing football, surfing and being with friends and family.

About his death: On November 30, 2013, at about 3:30 p.m., Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, 38, had a fatal car accident in California. Paul’s friend was driving at the time at an excessive speed but they didn’t have alcohol or drugs in their bodies.

 By Beatriz & Inês

David Beckham

David Beckam is English and he was a very famous football player. He was in various teams like: Manchester United, Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, LA Galaxy, and AC Milan.

He was an international player for England. On 7 December 1994, Beckham was in his first UEFA Champion league game and he was excellent because they won the match.

By Tomás & Pedro

Information sheet: what to see and do in Braga

By Ana Cecilia Lopes

Welcome to Braga

Studying in a foreign country can be exciting but it can also be challenging to become accustomed to a different culture. Below, there is some information that will help you to adapt during your stay.

What to wear.

Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains, Braga’s climate is humid but temperate. In Winter and Autumn, the rainfall is high but the temperature is hardly ever below 0c. It is advisable to dress in layers and to wear warm coats, gloves and scarves.

In spring and summer, the temperature rises and the use of hats, sunscreen and cool clothes is recommended.

Getting Around

There are two main options to travel in Braga, the regular bus service or the more widespread, but expensive taxis.

Portuguese Customs

  • Usually, the Portuguese wake up at 7am or 8am and go to bed at 11 or 12 pm.
  • The Portuguese people have four meals per day: Breakfast at 8am, lunch at 1pm, a snack at 5pm and dinner at 8pm.
  • It is usual to eat occasionally in restaurants, especially at weekends.
  • It is common to go to a cafe after main meals.
  • Generally, the Portuguese arrive home after 6pm.
  • The Portuguese are reserved, spending the evenings mostly at home.
  • Family is important, hence there are a lot of family gatherings at important occasions.
  • The Portuguese are friendly and they treat their guests with kindness and respect.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at ********@******.com or at the student Association’s office located in the main building of the University.

The cookie monster manifesto

wordle Eat chocolate cookies. Be strong enough to don’t let others influence you. Resist. Be responsible enough to don’t wast money on unhealthy things. Be independent. Pay attention, will be worth it. Friends: they are all needed. Practice sports. Don’t hang out with bad influences. Choose the right way. Learning is important for life. Be economic.

Mónica, Mariana, Tiago

Love Life – Manifesto


Love is a problem, but that doesn’t mean that your love life is over!

Don’t search for the love of your life, you will get together some way!

Having love problems is a normal part of life.

Finding your love isn’t hard, just be yourself.

You just have to wait.

If you don’t feel loved, you’re lying to yourself.

If your relationship isn’t working, end it.

Love goes together with madness… SO DON´T DO ANYTHING STUPID!

Love is as simple as 1+1, people only make it more complicated.

Perfect relationship is made of honesty and kindness.

Jorge S., Leonardo A.

The nameless manifesto


Life is too short to be wasted, enjoy every minute.

Forget the past.

Give it time.

Live the moment.

Be crazy sometimes.

Don’t think too much.

Go to the beach.

Everything’s going to be okay in the end but if it’s not  it is not the end.

Eat chocolate.


Call a friend.

Think outside of the box.

Carolina & José

Happy Teenager Manifesto



Wake up a little bit earlier so you don’t have to run to school


Be happy!


Be patient!

Organize your time.

Hang out.

Meet new people.

Eat chocolat or cookies with chocolate.

Study… or at least try.

Be kind to others.

Pay attention… but not only in class.

Help old people, they may give you candy.


Party all day every day.

Work hard.

Be honest.

Be crazy.

Have fun.

Luísa, Sofia & Jorge


Our manifesto


Go back to sleep and wake up again with a new smile.

We are unique so everybody has a value.

Don’t study, do what you like.

Just smile.

Appreciate the good moments in life.

Be you!

Do everything you like even when people laugh in your face.

We are special…

Ana Margarida & João Luís