I N G R E D I E N T S:

*  garlic , 2 or 3 cloves

* salt

* coriander or pennyroyal or green bell pepper (in my case pepper)

* olive oil

* bread – 1 or 2 days old preferably

* fish , codfish or hake (in my case hake)

* eggs (depends on the amount people)


– First , put the fish in a pan and let it cook, the time depends on the fish and your taste

– Chop the garlic and the green pepper, put it on a terrine ( image 2) or bowl add salt and mash  all the ingredients together until it forms a paste. Then add the olive oil, to taste

– Returning to the fish, if it’s already cooked, break the eggs into the pan with the fish in the boiling water. When the eggs are to your taste turn off the stove

–  Now add everything in the terrine with the spices, the water with the fish and the eggs.

– Cut the bread in slices or cubes and put it in the terrine or add it gradually during the meal

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