Bear Hunt

An adaptation of “We’re going on a Bear Hunt”

It was a hot wonderful summer day. Joe Mariah, Sean and Hannah were preparing the things for the wild camping and they were very excited and not scared at all of the animals.

They walked for a long time when they found a river. A deep, cold and long river. They didn’t have a boat; the only option was to swim through it. Splash Splosh! Splash Splosh! Splash splosh! They walked more when they found a labyrinth. A big and complicated labyrinth. They didn’t have a map; the only option was to find the exit. They walked a little more when they finally found the forest. A big, dense and dark forest where they put their things on the floor and set up their tents.

In the middle of the night the decided to make a fire pit and eat some marshmallows. So, while Sean and Joe were lighting the fire, Hannah went to get the marshmallows, but when she got closer to the bag she said “Oh no! I’ve forgotten the marshmallows!”

“Are you sure? I saw you with them on the way” said Mariah.

“Yeah, but there’s nothing here, and yes I had remembered to bring them.”

“Weird…” said Joe. So, they decided to eat some cookies, but when Sean came closer to the bag he said sadly “Oh no guys, I’ve forgotten the cookies. Sorry.”

“But I saw you eating some of them a couple of hours ago” said Hannah.

“Yes, but there’s nothing here.”

“Strange…” said Joe. So, after all of this they decided to eat some sandwiches, but when Joe came closer to the bag he said, angry and confused, “Wait! The sandwiches aren’t here!”

“Guys, you are too forgetful” said Mariah

“No! I brought them, I know it! Something wrong is not right” said Joe, joking again. Everybody laughed, but they were still hungry, so they started to look for more food. While the others were looking in their tents, Mariah was searching in her bags. That was when she saw something moving under the bags and it was …

“AARGHHH!” she screamed.

“What happened?” asked everyone.

“It’s, it’s….”

“It’s what?” asked Hannah trying to relax Mariah.

“It’s a racoon!” said the boys. So, they ran and ran, until Joe’s house where they stayed all night laughing at Joe’s jokes and eating the cakes from his mum. After all this, we found out that they were very afraid of animals.

Laiz Ad3Y – M/W (Sean)

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