“Unbroken” is a thrilling film, directed and produced by Angelina Jolie, based on the extraordinary life of Louis Zamperini, the olympic athlete who join the American army during World War II.

The film begins with a few flashbacks, showing Louis’s life while growing up, his petty youth being an out of the law, and his life as an endurance running athlete.

After joining the American air force, the bombardier and his crew, were caught up in a plane crash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where only himself and two other partners survived. They spent a total of 47 days adrift on a lifeboat, with barely anything to eat and drink, when they finally got rescued, or so they thought. They were captured by a Japanese patrol boat. Zamperini and his mate were taken to different camps as war hostages and remain there until the end of the war.

Zamperini is portrayed as a strong and unbreakable man, whose suffering and dread are not shown at any time. Because of his fearless temperament, he his commander Watanabe’s main enemy, making Louis´s life in the camp the most miserable and painful he could.

Even being sadistically humiliated for all his time captive, he always kept his head up, and didn’t let the commander’s threats and endless punishments get to him, he had only one goal set on his mind, survival. His strength and strong will to survive are what make him such a remarkable character. The accuracy of the visual effects of the time are also a key point that makes this film worth watching. Either you decide to give this movie a chance or not, always keep in mind Zamperini’s quotation that made him thrive through all the obstacles, “A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory”.

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