My favourite film – Film

My favourite film is Frozen. It’s my favourite film because it is fun and magical. My favourite character is Anna because she is very funny, brave and determined. Elsa also is brave but isn’t funny. The songs and the characters are very funny. Olaf is a nice snowman.  The film is about Elsa, the oldest daughter the king of Arendelle. She has a sister (Anna) and she has powers. One day, while she was playing with her sister, she was struck with lightening and is locked in the castle to learn to control her super powers.One day she froze the kingdom and she ran away.Her sister  and her friend go to find her.They find her and they live a happy life.

I think that the director did a really nice job with the characters and the special effects. The film won an Oscar, because I saw it in  the cinema. I love this movie.

By Daniela – Pre-Intermediate Sept



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