Meet Vanessa…

Vanessa is a student in Teresiano in Braga. Her friends call her by her nickname Vani. She was born in Santarém, Portugal on February 13th 2001, so he’s 13 years old. She’s 1.60m tall and she’s got brown hair.

She’s got a brother called Ivan. He’s 20 years old. She hasn’t pets. She likes music and swimming in her free time. Vanessa doesn’t eat mashed potatoes, but her favourite foods are pizza and lasagna. Vanessa loves wearing tops and jeans and always buys her clothes at DC. She loves Shakira, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga. Her favourite films are Superman and Pirates of the Caribbean. Her hero is Ariana Grande, who is also a singer. Vanessa ‘s ambition is to be doctor.


Eduardo – Pre-Intermediate Sept


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