Meet Camila…

Camila or Camila Chopin, for her friends, is a student who was born in Braga on May 2nd 2001. She is 1.60m tall and her hair is brown.

She lives with her mother,Cecilia, her father, Camilo, and her sister, Catarina.She also lives with her fantastic dog called Foxy.

She goes to the Gulbekian school. In her free time, Camila plays the piano, listens to music or goes shopping. Her favourite food is hamburgers. She loves wearing dresses, shorts and tops. She likes Imagine Drangons and 30 second to Mars. Her favourite films are Fault in your stars and Divergent. Her hero is her grandfather. One day she wants to be a great vet.

By Ana Margarida – Pre-Intermediate Sept

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