My favourite film – Film

My favourite film is Frozen. It’s my favourite film because it is fun and magical. My favourite character is Anna because she is very funny, brave and determined. Elsa also is brave but isn’t funny. The songs and the characters are very funny. Olaf is a nice snowman.  The film is about Elsa, the oldest daughter the king of Arendelle. She has a sister (Anna) and she has powers. One day, while she was playing with her sister, she was struck with lightening and is locked in the castle to learn to control her super powers.One day she froze the kingdom and she ran away.Her sister  and her friend go to find her.They find her and they live a happy life.

I think that the director did a really nice job with the characters and the special effects. The film won an Oscar, because I saw it in  the cinema. I love this movie.

By Daniela – Pre-Intermediate Sept



My favorite film is…

My favorite film is 50 First Dates because it is a beautiful love history. It’s about a woman and she can’t remember her day because when she goes to sleep she forgets about everything at the moment of accident. She has a boyfriend but she can’t remember of him. Every day, the boyfriend tries to make her remember him. After trying many times he can finally marry her.

The stars of the film are Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler.   

By Vanessa – Pre-Intermediate Sept

My favourite film is …

My favorite film is Toy story 3 .

Toy Story is a sequel, of all of the 3 films the third was the one I most liked.

The film talks about a boy, Andy, that has a lot of toys.One day he went to university in another country and he gave his toys to the local nursery. The children  of the nursery do bad things to the toy, so they ran away. On the journey home they pass a lot of difficult tests, but with a lot of luck they get home.When Andy goes home he gives the toys to a sweet little girl, who treats the toys very well.

The director,Lee Unkrich, did a really fantastic job with the characters, the story and the special effects. I think the actors who did the voices were good.

I loved this film.

By João – Pre-Intermediate Sept

My favourite film

My favourite film is khumba because it is very funny. I saw this film in the cinema with my friends. I didn’t have the opportunity to choose the film because they chose first. The type of film is animation. The stars of the film are James Austin and  Steve Buscemi

This film is about a zebra that hasn’t got stripes and wants to leave the herd. He father was very worried because his son disappeared. Khumba met new friends that helped him to find water that he needed to recover the stripes, but there’s a tiger who wants the zebra to recover an eye.

I liked seeing this film.

By Alexandra – Pre-Intermediate Sepr

My favourite film

My favorite film is “The fault in our stars”. It’s about a girl called Hazel who has lung cancer. When she goes to the support group Hazel meets Augustus Waters, a guy who has cancer too. But in his life Gus doesn’t worry about his cancer. Augustus teaches Hazel how to live without worrying about the time she has left. They start meeting  and Gus discovers that Hazel likes Peter Van Houten, a writer. So he takes her on a trip to Amsterdam because they want to visit the writer. When Gus and Hazel get there they start to fall in love with each other. They have a beautiful night together and, after meeting Peter Van Houten, they go home. When they get there Gus tells Hazel that he was dying because his cancer was spreading. A few days later Gus dies and Hazel cries a lot but she doesn’t forget him. “I want to thank you for our little infinite,” says Hazel at his funeral.

By Camila – Pre-intermediate Sept

My favourite film

My favourite film is “The Hunger Games”. It is a sci-fi, adventure and action movie.

It’s about a girl, Katniss, who saves her little sister from a deadly game. She fights for her life many times in this game, but with the help of a girl, Rue, and a boy, Peeta, she stays alive.

I loved the film because there is a lot of action and adventure, and I like films with these things.I think Jennifer Lawrence was great in this film, she was a really interesting character and her acting was so good . I also think  Josh Hutcherson was fantastic in this movie with a really good interpretation of his role.

I don’t know the name of the director, but he did a really nice job  with the special effects and the characters.

This film has a sequel so I’m going to see the next films, I know I will like them.

By Ana Margarida – Pre-Intermediate Sept

Meet Daniela…

Daniela is a student. His friends call her by her nickname paintor. She was born in Portugal, January 14th 2001. She’s 1.60 tall and she’s got brown hair. She’s got a mother, father and brother. She isn’t married. When she was a kid she went to Colégio Teresiano. When she was younger she wanted to be a painter. She’s got a hpet cat. Her favourite food is pizza and hamburger. Her favourite band is Coldplay. Her favourite clothes are shorts and jeans. Her favourite film is “Amigos Improvaveis”. Her hero is her mother. She hasn’t got any ambitions.


By João – Pre-Intermediate Sept

Meet Vanessa…

Vanessa is a student in Teresiano in Braga. Her friends call her by her nickname Vani. She was born in Santarém, Portugal on February 13th 2001, so he’s 13 years old. She’s 1.60m tall and she’s got brown hair.

She’s got a brother called Ivan. He’s 20 years old. She hasn’t pets. She likes music and swimming in her free time. Vanessa doesn’t eat mashed potatoes, but her favourite foods are pizza and lasagna. Vanessa loves wearing tops and jeans and always buys her clothes at DC. She loves Shakira, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga. Her favourite films are Superman and Pirates of the Caribbean. Her hero is Ariana Grande, who is also a singer. Vanessa ‘s ambition is to be doctor.


Eduardo – Pre-Intermediate Sept


Meet Eduardo…

Eduardo is a student at D. Diogo. He was born in Portugal on November 20th  2001, so he’s 13 years old. He’s 1.50 m and he’s got brown hair. His brother’s name is Diogo. Eduardo in his free time he likes playing football (he’s a Braga fan), biking and swimming. He has got two dogs and a cat. His favorite foods are francesinha and hamburger. His favorite band is Imagine Dragons and his favorite clothes are t-shirt and jeans. His favorite  films are Superman and Hercules. His hero is Cristiano Ronaldo. His ambitions is to be football player.

by Vanessa  – Pre-Intermediate Sept

Meet Camila…

Camila or Camila Chopin, for her friends, is a student who was born in Braga on May 2nd 2001. She is 1.60m tall and her hair is brown.

She lives with her mother,Cecilia, her father, Camilo, and her sister, Catarina.She also lives with her fantastic dog called Foxy.

She goes to the Gulbekian school. In her free time, Camila plays the piano, listens to music or goes shopping. Her favourite food is hamburgers. She loves wearing dresses, shorts and tops. She likes Imagine Drangons and 30 second to Mars. Her favourite films are Fault in your stars and Divergent. Her hero is her grandfather. One day she wants to be a great vet.

By Ana Margarida – Pre-Intermediate Sept

Meet Alexandra…

Alexandra is a student. Her friends call her Xana. She was born in Portugal on September 28th 2000, so she’s 13 years old. She’s 1.60m tall and she’s got brown hair. She lives with her mother, her father and her sister. She hasn’t any pets. Alexandra is studying at Carlos Amarante in Braga. In her free time, Alexandra rides her bike and plays badminton. Her favourite food is pizza and hamburger. Her favourite band is Coldplay. She loves shorts, jeans and t-shirts. Her favourite film is Divergent. Her hero is her mother.

By Daniela – Pre-Intermediate Sept