Optimus Alive – 30 Seconds to Mars!

It was one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to in my life, because 30 seconds to mars were there! As soon as I knew they were coming to Portugal, where I live, I booked my ticket, I was so excited!

At Optimus Alive’13 the atmosphere was electric, everybody was screaming, singing, jumping, doing crazy things. I loved the experience.

The band that I expect was 30 seconds to mars, I arrived in the arena at 13.00 pm, the concert must start at 21.00 pm, but unfortunately they started at 23.00 pm, two hours late, it was the bad thing, I was so tired, but when they started singing, I “woke up”  and started jumping and screaming.

Jared Leto is the singer, Shannon Leto is the drummer and Tomo Milicevic is the guitarist, they form 30 seconds to mars.

The concert itself included some of their biggest hits, such as, “hurricane”, “this is war”, “closer to the edge”, among others, an extraordinary band.

The quality of the performance was amazing, lots of lights, the singer was very comfortable with the crowd, he touched the fans. At a point he took off his t-shirt and throw it to the fans. An unforgettable moment, but I couldn’t catch it.

The only problem for me was that when the concert ended at 1.00 am it started to get very cold and  people disappeared, it was so awkward.

If they come again to Portugal I’ll definitely go again, but this time I want to stay in the front to touch him!

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