Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd Live Concert


There’s a big announcement saying Pink Floyd is giving a concert in few weeks in my town. Everybody is talking about that, so I must book my ticket now! I really love their music but the big reason of going is the fact that Pink Floyd has the best live performance in the world…all those lights filling the air of the arena…it’s just amazing!

As soon as I entered in the arena I was “hit” by the wonderful atmosphere. I was hoping that they would play “Another Brick in The Wall, Money, Learning to Fly, Dark Side of the Moon and Comfortably Numb”. The arena was full of thousands of excited fans, but the big moment was when the band came over the stage. The crowd went mad and the fans next to me were almost expelled by the security because they tried to break the barriers. The band played lots of songs, including the ones I love the most.

It was a superb night, the whole show was amazing, and David Gilmour was with a wonderful voice, as always. But there were something that I didn’t really like: there were too many people in the arena and as a result it was a bit difficult to move around. The other thing is that David didn’t give me is guitar pick! The whole performance had a lot of quality from all the band members.

If I had to describe the concert in one word I would say: unique!


Guilherme Pereira FCE1

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