A stupid gummie bear!!

A stupid gummie bear

Well , I’m going to talk about a story which has always been in my memory.

I was in the 5th grade and I was very nervous because I was going to have a trumpet concert, and at the moment I only thought “I’m not going to do it well” “I must clean my trumpet” “I’m going to get the music wrong” Well that was true. I had to clean my trumpet. When my teacher called me to the stage, I felt confident. I put the trumpet to my lips and started to blow but… no music came out! I was very nervous in front of 500 people in the Auditório Adelina Caravana. My teacher had tried to help me and then a gummie came out!

I only had listened people laugh but I didn’t know how that gummie was going to be there. Then, I remember that on the last day I was with my cousin and we had been eating gummies when played my trumpet. I laughed together with the audience.


Inês Bastos

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