“Queima das Fitas” in Braga

Queima das fitas is one of the only festivals in Braga and the most famous ine. In 2013, a well known band, called Kaisershifs , came to the festival and for me it was my opportunity to see a good band in my hometown.

When I went there were lots of people and they were insane.There were so many people that I couldn’t breath.

They took some time to start, but when they started everybody, including me, started screaming and clapping, because they were so great. When they started playing I was amazed, because I would never have thought that they could have had such a great sound and such stage performance.

At the end everyone started screaming for them to play one more and because they are cool, they played another one, so the crowd started shouting even louder the lyrics.

I really loved the concert and I wish they would come to Portugal again so I could see them again.


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