Meo SW stage was meant for Eddie Vedder

Meo SW is one of the biggest music festivals in Portugal. For 5 days thousands of campers from all Portugal, but also from other countries, enjoy the sun, the beaches, the music and all the fun that Costa Vicentina provides. It’s all about having fun with your friends, meeting new people, listening to music and enjoying the hot, beautiful white sandy beaches where we can refresh ourselves in the big blue ocean.

In 2012 I was on holiday with Carolina, her parents and some of their friends and, as Eddie Vedder was playing that night and he is a great singer, we all decided that it was an opportunity that we couldn’t miss.

So we went that night to watch Pearl Jam’s lead singer. In the venue thousands of people were watching the other concerts, but the main goal of all of them was to listen to Eddie Vedder. The concert finally started two hours later, but everyone was thrilled to finally see him on stage.

The concert was amazing. Eddie Vedder is a wonderful singer and also a very good guitarist. The stage was meant for him. He played some of his greatest hits such as “Better Man” and “Just Breath “.

I really liked to watch him singing on stage and I really want to go see him next time he’s coming to Portugal.

Jorge Fernandes – FCE1 M/W

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