Stand Up Comedy Show

Two years ago I went to a stand up comedy show here in Braga with a couple of friends. It was my first time at a show like that, a new experience that my friends really enjoy it.

The comedians were António Raminhos and Luís Filipe Borges. I already knew them from television, because they have a talk show called ‘5 para a meia noite’ in RTP1.

The show was sold out, the auditorium was full and the atmosphere was vibrant. Everyone was excited and thrilled, including me, mostly because I’d never gone to a place like that.

The comedians were, as expected, very funny, the jokes were about all subjects and you couldn’t focus on anything else, we were all amused and hoping for and more.

Basically, it was a very good show, the only down side was the time it ended very quickly.

At the end everyone was satisfied, including me. It’s a experience to repeat and money definitely well spent.

Luísa – FCE1 M/W

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