One Direction

One Direction are one of the biggest bands in the world but also hated by a lot of people.

As soon as I knew they were going to perform in Lisbon, on the 26th May 2013, I prepared myself to get a ticket before they sold out. In less than an hour not a single ticket was left and I couldn’t believe I was going to be in the 3rd row.

I really wanted to see them because they’re my favourite band, they’re humble and down to earth and I know and love all of their songs.

The crowd went hysterical. The moment they got on stage was just amazing and it seemed Meo Arena was going to fall down at anytime. There were 20000 people screaming, jumping, dancing and singing.

Their whole performance was great, they were really funny, they interacted with the fans and their voices were just perfect as they always are. Sometimes the crowd was even louder than the band.

They sang songs from their first and second album and the ones that I liked the most were “Little Things” and “Moments”.

Flying over the crowd and the fans singing along with them, for me were the highlights of the concert.

In short, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam know how to give a memorable show.

Mariana F. – FCE1 M/W

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