My first real concert

Some time ago I went to my first real concert one of my favorite bands was playing. It was “Ornatos Violeta”. They had really cool music but they aren’t together anymore. They split up and formed different bands.

That was one of the reasons why it was so special to me because it was one of their last concert. Another reason it was so special was the company I went with my sister, it was really cool to see a different side of her. A more relaxed and funny way to be, after all she was with her friends.

The venue was full, everybody was singing, dancing and screaming for more, it was totally amazing.

For me, the best part of all was when I requested a song and they actually sung it. It was so cool to feel like they had heard me it was probably a coincidence but I felt really happy.

At the end they did an encore but after that everybody was still screaming for more and the vocalist came-on again and again and they were forced to came out. Eventually only me lead singer came out on his own and played the acustic version of a song. I loved the concert

Mafalda Russell

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