Likin Park

Some time ago I went to Rock in Rio with some friends and the concert that I loved most was the Likin Park gig. It was amazing.

I went to Rock in Rio because some friends of mine and my family told me about it and showed me the importance of going. I went there for one day and I saw some concerts like Muse and Likin Park which I loved, but in the end, I preferred Likin Park.

It was the last concert of the night, but the crowd were more excited than they had been all day because of Likin Park, everybody was singing the songs and dancing at the concert.

I really like their performance and they were really good on stage, it was one of the best concerts that I’ve ever seen. I already saw other concerts like Muse in Porto and it was another great concert because they make a very good spectacle and their songs are amazing like Likin Park songs.

To sum up, I loved these two concerts and I hope to see these bands some other time, not just because of the music but also because of the great performances that they made.

João Luís – FCE1 M/W

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