Beach, Fun and Eddie Vedder

Sudoeste TMN has always been one of the best festivals in Portugal. in 2012, Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam’s lead singer and one of my favourite singers, was the headliner of the 3rd day of the festival.

The concert was really great: he did an amazing performance, he sang his greatest hits, like Better Man, Just Breathe and Hard Sun and the crowd was singing and dancing and everybody was having a good time.

Actually, he was so excited that he wouldn’t leave the stage and the next performer had to kick him off the stage! It was so hilarious!

Besides that, the beauty and the great weather at the venue (Zambujeira do Mar), made this concert even better.

I really liked the experience and I’d repeat if I could.

Eddie Vedder in SW TMN

Carolina Ramon, FCE1 M/W

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