The Wolf of Wall Street

We want to tell you about a comedy film called The Wolf of Wall Street. We went to the cinema with some friends to see it last week.

The story is about a guy who creates a company which buys and sells shares. First he was just a normal employee but after he lost his job he founded his own dishonest company with his neighbour and they had much success in the stock market. The main character is played by Leonardo DiCaprio and his performance is outstanding.

We really like the film but we think that it is too long, because it is more than three hours long. However, the film has a good story so everyone can follow it. The performances in general are spectacular. The set is absolutely fantastic because the scenery is really realistic.

We recommend it to the people who like good movies with a good plot, and people who want to laugh a little bit.

Laura, Rogério & Carlos (A4Y – M/W 18.50)

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