Are you the one?

We are going to talk about a reality show called “Are you the one? “

We can see it on MTV almost every day. The objective of this programme is to find 10 perfect matches in just 10 weeks. There are 10 girls and 10 boys that have never seen each other in their lives.

In that period of time this group is living in a big mansion and obviously a lot of conflicts happen there. People think that they have discovered their match but in reality it’s not, and in some cases some contestants fall in love with the same person as others.

The prize is $ 500 000 for everyone, but they just have to find the 10 perfect matches before the end of the show.

In our opinion the worst thing in this programme is the fact that the group need to deal with each other and sometimes their personalities are different. This is the cause of  most fights in the house. Besides this, they are really messy and sometimes after a long night they appear in the house drunk and dizzy making the house dirtier.

On the other hand, there are positive points like the landscapes, the meetings, the design of the house and all the parties that the programme offers to the contestants.

We recommend it to someone that likes this type of reality show and wants to have a good time.

P.S: be careful, don’t become addicted like us!!

G&S (A4Y – M/W 18.50)

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