Review: Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana

This song was the most revolutionary track Nirvana had ever produced. It´s an anthem for every youngster and if you don’t feel like an anarchist, this will make you feel like one. The sounds the guitar riffs conduct such an adrenaline rush to your main core, that it will make you feel free and powerful!

Smells Like Teen Spirit” is on their most famous album-“Nevermind”,which includes  powerful songs such as”Lithium” and “In Bloom”, as well as some soothing and calm grooves such like “Come As You Are”, ”Something In The Way” and “Polly”. This album was released in 1991, where they came up against some rough competition with other Grunge bands which meant that there was a search for powerful sounds related to the times that they were living through.

“Nevermind” was released 22 years ago, as a shout for freedom by Nirvana. Their sounds still live on nowadays specially thanks to the amazing lyrics that Kurt Cobain wrote, influencing the 90’s music like no one else. This is poignant due to Cobain’s tragic suicide in 1994 putting an end to the band but not to their legacy, because their songs are so obscure, dark and powerful in meaning that they will never fade away.

And, as Cobain once said “The duty of youth is to challenge corruption”

By Vasco ADV1 (Fri)

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