Zack’s Christmas Mishap

There were five guys studying in London at the University and they were best mates. Kevin was from Doncaster, Zack was from Bradford, Larry was from Holmes Chappel, Greg was from Mullingar and William from Wolverhampton.

It was the last day of school, it was snowing and they were going to spend their Christmas holidays at home.

At the airport they said goodbye to each other and they felt very sad because they weren’t going to see each other for two weeks.

Unfortunately, one of them was late for his flight and at the same time the doors were closing, Zack slipped on a banana and broke his leg. An old lady saw it and she started screaming. Then  two girls appeared to help the poor boy, they called the ambulance and the three guys went to the hospital.

The girls picked his phone and phoned his family and his friends. After a while the family appeared at the hospital and they were very worried.

The next day his mates went to see him and bought him a present, it was a dog! Then the dog ran into the girls’ direction. Larry was surprised because Zack was with two girls and it wasn’t normal.

One of the girls, Mary, said:

“Hi! My name is Mary!”

“Hi! My name is Larry! Pleasure to meet you!”

“Hey! I’m here too!” said Greg and Mia at the same time.

“And the one who broke his leg is me! This is not a party, this is a serious problem! Can you guys just shut up and cheer me up?” Zack protested.

“Ok, ok! We are here for you!” the rest of the guys said.

After a while the four guys and the girls had to left the hospital.

The next day, 23rd December, they went to visit Zack again. The doctor told a good new, Zack was going to leave the hospital that day!

Zack was very happy but he had a problem, he couldn’t go  home because there weren’t any flights left. So Kevin had an idea:

“Don’t worry Zack! Why don’t we spend Christmas together?”

“I’d love it! But I don’t want to bother you.”

“For us it is fine! And you girls? If you want you can come too!” William said.

“It’d be great! We are in!” Mia exclaimed.

It was Christmas time! It was snowing! The seven friends were together at Larry’s house. They sang songs, they gave each other presents… It was a wonderful day!

Merry Christmas!

Ana Margarida & Mariana F.


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