Super Boy

A long, long time ago there was a super hero called Super Boy and he liked to walk by the river.

One time he found a girl crying by the river and he asked why. Then she told the whole story:

– I was looking at my reflection for hours, with my pony behind me, when my crown fell into the water. I can’t get my clothes wet because they are really expensive so now I’m crying….

-Oh!!! Poor girl!!! I’m gonna get it for you… Just wait a second… Oh!!! I just saw the crown.- Then Super Boy jumped into the river and get the crown.

The girl was so happy, so happy that she kissed him on the cheek… The boy was so surprised that he just disappeared with a big noise… BOOOOOOOM

The girl was too happy to care about where her hero was so she went away with her pony.

 Luisa & Ana Marta

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