Portimão… and Braga

My favourite place in Portugal is Portimão, in the Algarve and I recommend it for people who like sun and hot weather.

In my opinion, Portimão has a lot of places to visit and go shopping. There are beautiful beaches such as Praia da Rocha and Barranco das Canas. There are other countries’ restaurants like Chinese, Indian and Japanese. If you like festivals you must go to Festival da Sardinha where you can eat a lot of fish and listen to popular music. If you like parks you can go to Parque da Juventude where are a lot of teenagers. At night the centre is very lively, but if you prefer quiet and relaxing places, I recommend getting away from the centre. You can also see a lot of night clubs and bars.

My second favourite place in Portugal is the city where I live, BRAGA!!! If you’re that kind of person that just thinks of food, this is the right place. We have a lot of cafés and restaurants and the most famous is Cantinho das Frigideiras. Braga is a city which is very relaxing. It has a library where you can read a book or play computer games, the theatre Theatro Circo has great shows and it’s very good for culture. Also it has a great number of parks like Parque da Ponte, where you can feel close to  nature: there are trees, squirrels, grass, little lakes…In this city you can see history everywhere, as Braga is very old and has historical buildings.

Luís and Leonardo

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