A person who wants to come to Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, should visit:

– The River Tejo, where you can see some beautiful views;

– historical  places, like BelémTower or Marquês de Pombal;

– you can go to summer music festivals, like RIR (Rock in Rio) or see some concerts at Meo Arena, for example;

–  the city has a lot of shops, including clothes shops or new technology machines;

J  you can see a lot of high-quality sports, like football (the best clubs in Lisbon are Benfica, Sporting and Belenenses) or you can see five-a-side football or hockey. There are two or three good clubs there that play these sports;

–  if you like animals, you can go to the Zoo and the Aquarium;

–  if you prefer lively places, but less lively than Lisbon, you can go to Lisbon Suburbs, where you can do some shopping and find relaxing places including beaches or castles;

– you can also spend some time in the library, where you will find some information about the city and other things.

Lisbon is an old city, but we have a lot of teenagers that show their talent everywhere, with graffiti or singing with their guitars, something that we particularly like.

Mariana & André

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