me and my things

Hi! I’m Ana and I am 15 years old. I was born in Guimarães, Portugal.  I am in the 11th grade at school. My favorite subjects are Portuguese, Biology and Philosophy and I hate Maths and Chemistry, because I think it´s difficult. But, I´m a good student. I live with my family, my father, my mother, my sister and my cat in Braga. My favourite activities are swimming, walking, watching TV, listening to music, reading books ( I like very much), going shopping, talking to my friends. I am funny, interesting, smart, sweet and my friends can trust me. I like all kinds of music, rocks, classic, pop, blues, jazz, metallic. I like food and  like eating pizza, meat, rice, pasta, salad,…

My dream is be a vet in the future or a biologist because I like very much studying  animals and plants and make money for give a good life for my children and to travel around the world.

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