When I met my sister by Mariana Antunes

I´ll never forget the first time I met my sister, named Francisca. I was eight years old at the time and I was in school when she born. When I found out that Francisca was born I felt happy. My teacher only allowed me to meet my sister when the classes finished, so I went to Braga at the end of the day.

When I arrived at the hospital, me and my dad went to the room where my mother and my sister were and I felt very nervous because I didn´t know if she was nice or if only my parents would  like her. When I came in the room I saw a little girl sleeping and I was wondering if she was my little sister then I saw my mother and my grandparents. In that moment, I knew that the little baby was Francisca.

At the first, I loved Francisca and I thought that she was my new doll to play with. But, when I saw everybody playing with her and talking about her, saying she was nice and little, I was jealous of Francisca and I started crying a lot and I felt very upset.

Then, my mother talked to me and explained  that I had to share some things  with Francisca. I didn´t like the explanation so, I was angry but when I picked up my sister I felt happy.

So, in the end, I understood that I had to share some things with my sister and I didn´t mind because I could play with her toys too.

When I went home, I felt very happy because I had a new person to play with me.

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