My first race by Vitor Esperança

I’ll never forget the first time I did an off-road race.

I was a young man who loved the nature,  all the mountains around Braga, like gerês, or cabreira mountains.

One day, when I was with my friend Américo, who had a car 4X4,  we heard some one say some things about a race in gerês, so, I told my friend Américo that we should  do  that, because he loves driving, and I knew the location of the race very well.

When the race began, I felt nervous because my knowledge about the gerês doesn’t are important. We had to follow the road-book organisation., but I thought that my knowledge about the nature would be fine for our orientation in the mountain’s roads, and I felt more comfortable.

At the end of race, we won, because most of the other people were lost in the mountains. I felt very proud and happy.

Since that day, my dream was to have a jeep. 5 years later, I could buy one. That’s the beginning of a passion I still have. I have had many experiences of travelling off-road around the World.


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