My First football match by Gonçalo Sousa

My first football match was when I was thirteen years old, all my friends were very nervous including myself because it was our first game and we were scared because when we arrived at the stadium the other players were very physically strong.

When the game started my team played badly because we were so nervous.

The other team scored the first goal and I felt even more nervous than before. At this time my team were very down so I tried to motivate them with a few words.

After the first half the coach said that this was the first time that we played and told us to calm down and relax because we had many games in the future. He tried to motivate the team and said that if we played well we could win the game.

When the second half began we were less nervous and I scored one goal and my friend scored another goal. It felt amazing and fantastic!

After the match we were very happy because we had won our first game and the team celebrated at a restaurant in Porto.


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