Somewhere on a Friday morning, on 13th January of 1945..

Somewhere on a Friday morning, on 13th January of 1945, a man called Michael, a famous lawyer was recruited to find some papers in a mansion, called Marshland’s house. He arrived at that house in the morning, but he was travelling to death. That mansion was an enormous one, with private cemetery, where the family was all buried.

Old legends say that in the house lives the soul of Jane Marshall, a woman that, so tells the legends, every time that she is seen, a child dies in horrible circumstances. She is called the woman in black.

Well, Michael entered the house where he found obscure decoration, with lots of scary porcelain figures. But without fear, he went directly to a box, with some papers, death certificates and more. But he was looking for the house documents, when he heard steps walking in his direction. He looked back, but there was nobody, but when he turned to front, a terrible face, the woman in black’s face was shouting to his face. He got very scared and started running. He was trying to escape but there was no escaping. But, he saw an open window and he escaped from there. But, too late, he had already seen the woman, so when he came to the village he saw a girl, like a porcelain toy, very white. She drank leaches, and she was close to dying. He was trying to save her, but when he looked back, the woman in black was there, and the girl started bleeding from the mouth. He started running again, trying to escape with his life, and when he arrived to the hotel, he went quickly to his room.

So, Michael closed the door and knew at the moment that he had made a terrible mistake.

By João Pedro, FCE1 Saturday


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