We chose Braga because it’s our city. Braga is a valley in the North of Portugal, in the Southwest of Europe and in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s near the border with Spain, which forms the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal.

Our city is famous for being the European Capital of Youth and for its gastronomy. It’s also famous for its history in the Roman Epoch.

In the outskirts there is a small industrial area. There are big malls, but no sandy beaches. We celebrate S. João fair and the Roman Market.

Braga is not too crowded, but there are lots of tourists during the year, it’s not a romantic city, but there are some interesting places with beautiful views like Bom Jesus.  It’s peaceful and there’s not too much pollution.

Our favourite places are Bom Jesus, Sameiro, Braga Parque and our homes.

Back in Salazar’s time street names were different. 25 de Abril’s Avenue, was Salazar’s Avenue years ago. Now there are no trams, but in the past there was one. In our point of view the city is much better now.

Sofia, Carolina & Tiago

M/W 18.50h / 20.10h

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