The Tragic Housefire

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One day, my husband and I decided to go to my grandma’s home village. We were midway there, but unfortunately there was a thick fog, so we pulled over as fast as we could. We entered the local cafe and we asked for a cup of tea. The waiter gave us a newspaper, which seemed to be old. The headline was about a local couple who had died in a tragic house fire. In the middle of the newspaper we found a really creepy envelope. We opened it and it had a map. At first, we thought it was a map from the cafe, but then we realized that it was related to the story we had read. So we thought it was a good idea to investigate on our own. We went to the house and it was completely in ruins. Inside was an old and burned envelope. The letter was actually a will. The poor couple were already writing about giving their house to their eldest daughter…we thought:

“So this house was supposed to be given to their eldest daughter..!”

“Yes, and there were probably more children because they talked about the eldest one.”

“Yeah, probably some of their other kids were preparing a revenge and they did this”

“Oh?! That’s too strong! Do you really believe that a kid could do that to his parents?”

“I don’t know, this world is full of crazy people!”

“Yeah, maybe.”

We ended the conversation because we thought we needed more help, so we decided to go to my grandma’s house. When we arrived there my grandparents received us really gently and we asked them for an opinion. While we were having dinner, me and my husband told them the story and it just blew their minds away. My grandpa said that perhaps we were just imagining something that didn’t really happen. I was really confused, and maybe that was just our imagination.

At the end of the night we didn’t have a place to stay and since my grandma’s house didn’t have more rooms, my grandpa gave us money to stay in an hotel. We appreciated it and left.

At this moment, I’m here, in my house, thinking about that letter…and I really cannot understand why that couple died in a house fire. This is completely weird.

Ana Margarida & Mariana (M/W)

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